Why Pakistani Dresses are Famous in UK?

Why Pakistani Dresses are Famous in UK?

Why Pakistani Dresses are Famous in UK?

Pakistan is home to a rich, dynamic, and exciting array of different cultural traditions and elements, ranging from highly flavourful dishes to captivating music and – of course – stunning traditional fashion.

As media has become more sophisticated over time, and as global travel has expanded – and particularly as a result of the Pakistani diaspora spreading to different corners of the world – many features of Pakistani culture have likewise gained international prominence and have become respected in various different countries around the world.

In the UK, in particular, you can find many different aspects of Pakistani culture – both traditional and modern – thriving and finding their niche alongside different cultural strands and trends, in a variety of different ways.

Pakistani dresses and garments, in particular, are quite famous in the UK and are highly appreciated in certain circles. So why is this?

Here are just a handful of reasons why Pakistani dresses are famous in the UK.

Historical connections and a strong expat community

The United Kingdom has deep historical ties to Pakistan – and the Indian subcontinent in general – which stretch back a number of centuries to the time when the British Empire was active in the region.

During the days of the British Empire, it was commented that India was the “jewel in the crown” of the British Empire – and this referred to the entire area which would later develop into separate states including Pakistan, Bengal, and India.

The reason for this sentiment was intimately connected to the rich ancient culture of the region, but also the extremely vibrant, dynamic, lively, and colourful outfits, architecture, traditions, and foods that were prevalent there as well.

Pakistani dresses

In fact, these kinds of perspectives have been very common around the world for more than a millennium – with both Asian and European sources regarding the subcontinent as a land rich in beauty, tradition, and culture.

In the modern United Kingdom, people of Pakistani descent make up one of the largest ethnic and cultural minorities in the country.

When combined with the pre-existing historical connections already described, the large Pakistani expat community in the UK have also been very influential in popularising Pakistani fashion – including dresses – as well as other aspects of the culture.

And, of course, the primary market for Pakistani dresses and garments in the UK is among the Pakistani diaspora who lives there.

All in all, the UK is a highly important and dynamic player in the world of Pakistani fashion as a whole – both because Pakistani designers can increase their profile in the UK, and also because British Pakistani designers, themselves, are often at the cutting-edge when it comes to innovating new styles, or branching out to adapt existing fashions for new audiences, markets, and seasons.

It is certainly also worth keeping in mind that many expat communities around the world – such as the Pakistani community in the UK – are concerned with maintaining touch with their roots, particularly over multiple generations.

Some of the most popular things that people turn to in order to maintain a sense of connection to their roots are, of course, everyday features of the culture such as traditional foods, and dresses and other forms of attire that maintain a traditional cultural element, as well.

A big part of the reason why Pakistani dresses are famous in the UK, therefore, is because they help a lot of members of the Pakistani diaspora – whether first, second, or third generation – to maintain a sense of connection to their roots.

A powerful fusion of traditional and modern style

Across much of the world, there is a deep and growing appreciation for traditional styles, designs, and motifs that hearken back to an earlier time, and that express a unique cultural perspective on the world.

At the same time, however, designers and fashion appreciators alike obviously deeply cherish innovation and the ability to explore and experience new styles that are tailor-made to every season, and that help to push the envelope and ensure an elegant and attention grabbing look for special occasions.

Pakistani fashion powerfully manages to fuse and combine these two elements – both the traditional and the modern – in the work of many leading contemporary designers who are committed to paying homage to their cultural traditions, while at the same time adding new twists and design elements that are sure to turn heads.

The UK market, in particular, is a place where many of these fusion styles are highly popular as members of the Pakistani diaspora in particular strive to maintain the right balance between expressing their traditional style, and at the same time embracing modern fashion trends and ensuring that the best of both worlds come together in their presentation.

A rich and vivid colour palette

Many traditional Pakistani dresses and other garments – and especially some of the newer ranges created by modern Pakistani designers – feature a rich and vivid colour palette that can dazzle the eye whether for everyday wear, or for special occasions.

Many of the prevalent fashions that have dominated the UK design landscape up until recently have been relatively more understated in terms of the variety of colours that tend to be featured.

For anyone who is interested in adding a bit more colour to their wardrobe, therefore, Pakistani fashion can be a great option as the traditional designs that hail from Pakistan include many elements not traditionally found in the UK’s fashion landscape. This, at the same time, gives modern Pakistani designers a wealth of material, and a vibrant colour palette to work from when innovating new dresses and outfits.

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