Filhaal Mix & Match, Dupatta & Kurta

Filhaal Mix & Match, Dupatta & Kurta

Filhaal Mix & Match, Dupatta & Kurta

Filhaal Mix & Match

When it comes to your Indian ethnic attire, you deserve a chance to enjoy a restyle from time to time. Everyone wants to try on outfits and see what looks great, but one of the most exciting things that you can do is choose your own! At Filhaal UK, we can help you out by choosing some of the pieces from our best, most desired collections and we combine them into one complete look.

Mixing and matching is nothing short of exciting. You can restyle in so many different ways that you will be the one standing out in a positive way at your next event. Mixing up your Lehenga with Kurti, Salwar kameez with a jacket and even adding peplum tops to Ghagra will all help you to embrace a more stylish appearance.

If you want to switch things up and stop wearing the same things on repeat, then mixing and matching is the best way to go. The best thing about going for a mix and match look is that it’s totally friendly to your budget. You deserve to look and feel confident, and our experts can offer you the suggestions you’ll love when it comes to creating trendy Indian outfits.

Choli, Lehenga and Dupatta are traditionally worn by women and the outfit you choose will, of course, be stunning. However, if you want to enjoy a new style, why not take the embellished and colourful Lehenga in your closet and pair it with the more muted Kurti? This will offer you a balanced look that isn't too over the top while looking stylish and classy all at once.

While we’re on the subject of Kurti, why not pair it with dupatta and step your look up into one of royalty? No matter what you do when it comes to mixing and matching, always choose one piece to be embellished and another to be simple so that the contrasting pieces suit each other and look chic on you!   

At Filhaal UK, we embrace the mix and match options available to our customers. We love to offer suggestions and put pieces together we think will look wonderful on you, from peplum tops and Lehenga together creating a classy fusion, to crop top Lehenga with a jacket! Lehenga can be styled in multiple ways, too, with long or short jackets to give you the chance to change things up from the norm. We’re all about offering you the best options for your mix and match style, and we’re not afraid to help you up your glam game.

Fashion is one of the most exciting ways to add some flair to your personality. Indian attire is so graceful, and you will find that the styles on offer easily mix and match together, with flowing lines and complementary colours always an option. You can style, restyle and go all over again without breaking the bank and buying a new outfit for every occasion! To impress, your outfits should be versatile and classy over expensive, and now you can mix and match with Filhaal UK, too!


Gorgeous dupatta work nicely with a range of other pieces to offer you the perfect finish to your outfits. At Filhaal UK, we believe that you should only have the very best materials and styles to show off your dupatta with the rest of the outfit. Almost every single dupatta piece in our collection can match with any outfit and any occasion, and we’re proud to offer only the very best to our customers.

Indian dupatta have been worn for centuries, and whether you call it that or you know it as Odhani, Chunni or Chunari, dupatta is all about looking and feeling glorious. 2.5 mts of rectangular swathe in every colour, texture and pattern means that you get to change up your outfit and the way that you wear it depending on the occasion. It’s often worn with a Salwar kameez, but it’s not all you can wear with a dupatta. With such a versatile piece of material, you can choose different ways to drape it on your body to change the way that your outfit looks. The range of variations of dupatta means that you can change up your outfit in an instant!

Dupatta is a piece of an outfit that is there to enhance the look of every outfit that you wear. The embellishments, the fabrics, the weaves - all of it comes together to give you an endless option for your outfit choices. The huge choice of colours and patterns also gives you the chance to jazz up an otherwise boring outfit!

The most common fabrics used in dupatta include silk, chiffon, cotton and georgette. You can be a sassy style icon, a glamorous diva or choose something sweet and simple for a more demure look - whatever you want to be, the right dupatta will help to enhance what you’re wearing. Even the brides among you choose a silky dupatta in bridal colours to make her dress pop during the biggest day of their life!

You can wear dupatta in tons of different ways, and once you figure out what will work for you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great the finished ensemble looks on you. Style your dupatta like a diva with a cape drape, and while it’s often tricky to achieve, it’s not as fussy once you get the hang of it. If you want to opt for a prettier style, go for the wrist and shoulder drape. This is one of the simplest styles when it comes to your dupatta, and it will surprise you how well it will look on you once you complete the look.

If you want something simple without too much fuss, use your dupatta as a shawl and keep the cold at bay. At Filhaal UK, all of our dupatta colours and textures allow you to choose a drape style that never compromises on elegance.

Filhaal UK carries a range of designer dupatta options in all colours and styles, so why not take a closer look today?


Filhaal Kurta

When you want to slip into something simple and elegant for everyday wear, the best place to start is in checking out the range of kurta with Filhaal UK. We have so many beautiful designs and colours for you to choose from that you will be simply spoilt for choice. Filhaal UK carries a huge range of designer and everyday kurta that will change the way that your outfits look!

As you may already know, Kurta is a long, loose shirt. It usually falls at or just above the knees and it used to be an outfit piece that was traditionally worn by men. Today, it’s more commonly worn by both men and women, and depending on your personal preference, Kurta can be paired up with a range of different pieces, including a loose fit salwar. Some teens love to add a stylish and colourful Kurta to regular jeans or trousers, and it looks really good with it!

It should be remembered that Kurta is an exceptionally versatile option and it can be worn as formal wear as well as nightwear. You can wear Kurta through the summer months made of silk and light cotton, and in the winter, you can buy Kurta made with wool or Khadi silk for extra weight. The key here is in the design, and as Kurta is such a comfortable piece of clothing, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the huge range that we carry at Filhaal UK.

Kurta are an undoubtedly classy, elegant option for when you want to be comfortable and still look impressive. This is a stylish piece that just doesn't go out of fashion, and it makes sense given that you can wear them with anything and they will go so well with it all! The right Kurta can be mixed and matched easily, and you will find that your Kurta looks excellent no matter what you wear with it!

At Filhaal UK, our goal is to make you feel good. It’s why we carry such a huge range of designers that offer Kurta, dupatta and more to give you enough choices with your clothing. Whether you are headed to the office or you want something comfortable to wear around the house, you can find everything that you need at Filhaal UK. You deserve the chance to choose something that will suit any occasion, and shopping with us at Filhaal UK is going to ensure that you get everything that you need without question!

Mix and match your Kurta and dupatta, slip on a piece from some of our most popular collections and make a point of choosing a few of the same piece in different colours, too. If you know it’s going to look great, why not indulge yourself while you can? Shop now with Filhaal UK and receive exceptional quality, customer service and more at the best possible prices.

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