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About Us

The United Kingdom is home to many nationalities and ethnicities. There is an ever-rising population of South Asians and Pakistanis living here in search of a better fortune. However, when it comes to the fulfilment of Pakistani ladies’ dressing needs be it casual, formal or traditional the UK market has always faced difficulty in doing so. The scarcity of South Asian and Pakistani ladies’ clothes in the UK has forced these communities to compromise on their love for occasional wear or spend a hefty amount to satisfy their penchant for traditional clothes from very few stores.

This unavailability of Asian attire and couture compelled us to start our own e-commerce store in the UK by the name of Filhaal, dedicated just for South Asian and Pakistani ladies. The main reason for starting Filhaal was to overcome the shortage of Pakistani dresses in the UK and Europe. We want all Pakistani, Indian and South Asian ladies to cherish every moment of traditional occasions to the fullest by donning their favourite Pakistani clothes.

At Filhaal, we aim to provide traditional attire and accessories of all types to Pakistani females including small girls, teenagers, adults and even old ladies in an easy and fast way. The best thing about us is that we are unbeatable when it comes to price and quality. We feel proud to announce that we provide you with the dresses of your choice on the most competitive prices all over the UK.

We value your choice, class and stylish choices. This is the exact reason why we have a large collection of other prominent Pakistani brands. Some of the leading brands, other than Filhaal, that we have for you are: Limelight, Baroque, Agha Noor, Maria B, Tawakkal, Asim Jofa, Rangoon, Kesar and many more. You name a brand and we will provide it to you.

Moreover, we have a complete variety of stitched, unstitched, embroidered regional shawls, dupattas, abayas, attires and designer wear so that you put your best foot forward and turn heads. We respect your busy schedules and provide our cutting edge fully customized suiting. You won’t have to visit a tailor to get your dress fitted according to your body shape and size. Just whisper it in our ears and let our artisans’ mastery do the job for you.

So, if you want to rock your looks for any occasion or want to gift someone a lovely present on a special occasion, Filhaal’s wide range of Pakistani clothes is for you. We’ve got you covered in all aspects of your dressing needs, just call and let us know and you won’t be disappointed. That’s a guarantee.

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