Buy Best Pakistani Designers Clothes at Filhaal UK

Buy Best Pakistani Designers Clothes at Filhaal UK

Buy Best Pakistani Designers Clothes at Filhaal UK

When you shop with Filhaal UK, you are choosing to shop smartly, elegantly and with the best Pakistani designers around. Our clothes offer the fusion of traditional Pakistani outfits with more modern colours and concepts, and whether you are shopping for yourself as a grown woman, or you’re shopping for your teenage daughter, we carry a range of designer Pakistani clothes that can make your wardrobe as classy as you want it to be.

Not only do we offer a range of high quality designers, we endure that we are completely unbeatable when it comes to pricing in the UK. You deserve choice, class and style in everything that you wear: your outfits reflect the way that you feel about yourself. At Filhaal UK, we ensure that every single piece of our clothing is created and sold with you in mind. All of our suiting is fully customised to you; there’s no need to head out to the tailor. Let us know your measurements, and we will ensure that you receive fitted, comfortable items every single time. We’ve got you covered when it comes to Pakistani designer clothes. Below, we’ve put together some of the designers that we carry with a little about them, so that you can see that each of the designers we have chosen to work with is done so for good reason!

Maria B

Did you know that the fashion label Maria B is known as the “Coco Chanel” of Pakistan? You should be impressed by that - we know we are! Maria B is all about fashion innovation, and her entry into the Pakistani fashion industry oozes elegance and class - just like Paris fashionista Ms Chanel. The whole philosophy behind Maria B is that fashion changes, and women deserve to have clothing that keeps up with those changes.

It doesn't mean that tradition is done away with; it simply means that improvements and originality stay moving forward, allowing Pakistani women the confidence to wear their outfits and know they are getting elegance and more in each outfit. The artistry in the work Maria B does is evident in each clothing piece, and when she graduated in 1998, she already knew what she wanted from her brand. Maria B knew she wanted to challenge the status quo of the fashion market, and she has done this time and again with her energy and vitality brought to the retail market.

Starting out with just one retail outlet in 1999, Maria B has maintained integrity by sticking to easy to wear fashion that reflects the elegance of the East and the modernity of the West. The brand has grown massively and Maria B is now one of Pakistan’s designer ranges that is also the most diverse around. From formal wear to couture, Maria B offers clothing in a range of embroidered fabrics in one label going from India to Qatar, and even in the USA!

maria b

Sana Safinaz

Launched and exhibited every year, Sana Safinaz is lauded as one of the most successful collections each year! Over the last few years, Sana Safinaz has expanded from lawn collections to Eid and independent capsule silk collections, too. Sana Safinaz is a duo of perfection, including a talented design team and an accomplished range of individuals working hard within the brand to bring the best to market. Known to be innovators and trailblazers in the industry, Sana Safinaz offers creativity and beauty in all their fashion options in Pakistani designer clothing.

Al Karam

Presenting in the fashion market for the past 25 years, Al Karam ensures nothing but the best in quality for their customers. They do what they can to focus on development for their target audience, too, offering fine fashion and impeccable design in every single piece. At Filhaal UK, we’re proud to offer Al Karam as part of our collection of clothing for our customers. Check out their range today on our website - we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.


If you want to find a classic Pakistani designer in the fashion market that offers finesse and high quality, then look no further than Baroque. With more than three decades of experience in textiles, Baroque produces fabrics that are rich in quality and also offers exceptional craftsmanship. They have established themselves in the high-end, fast female fashion industry and they’re popular for a good reason. They stay true to their brand name, producing clothing apparel that is stylish and timeless.

The outfits on offer are trendy, with traditionally crafted fabrics used throughout. Baroque caters to a huge audience and they aren’t ashamed to show off their beautiful embroidery, too. Clothes by Baroque are effortless, unique and perfect for any event. The Eastern culture in Pakistan is fused together with contemporary art and style to create clothes to be worn by modern women. Baroque is proud to offer customised tailoring with their brand, as they take into account body positivity and acceptance of one’s figure, no matter the age or size of the customer. Their goal is to promote the beauty and individuality of each woman, allowing her to wear clothes that are stitched to her perfect fit.

At Filhaal UK, we’re honoured to offer stylish designer clothing by Baroque, knowing that we are helping to contribute to the women feeling more confident in themselves.

Baroque Clothes

Kanwal Malik

Established in 2018, Kanwal Malik may be a newer fashion option, but they’re still a fashion powerhouse today. Kanwal Malik earned its success early because it offered lavish silhouettes in their range of clothing. Their items are intricately designed and they create a range of evening wear and bridal wear that is nothing short of luxurious. The design philosophy with Kanwal Malik is different to most other options out there, and they offer everything from bright and bold colour palettes to the more demure blush colour palettes. All of this comes together to create contrasting pieces, and each ensemble is then better able to hold its own when you piece an outfit together.


Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Gulaal is one of the premium Pakistani clothes designers that we carry at Filhaal. Gulaal offers unstitched and stitched fabrics, and you can find plenty of luxuriously embellished pieces with some of the most intricate designs around. They offer nothing short of high quality with signature processes that are theirs alone.

Gul Ahmed

Filhaal UK carries Gul Ahmed among the Pakistani clothes designer lists because of their ability to draw inspiration from a hugely diverse global arena. They work to ensure that beauty is universal, and they strive to challenge all fashion limitations out there. Whether these are in embroidery or embellishments, their designer wear is nothing short of perfect! Cloth is so much more than cloth for Gul Ahmed, and they treat it as an artist would their canvas: with delicacy and care.

With trading at Gul Ahmed beginning in the early 1900s, they have been in the textile manufacturing business for years. This is an iconic designer name that we are proud to carry at Filhaal. With more than 130,000 spindles and 300 weaving machines, Gul Ahmed offers the latest yarn dying, stitching and processing units in Pakistan. From manufacturing to retail, Gul Ahmed packs all of this in one place.

Faiza Saqlain

One brand that has truly embraced everything that Pakistani luxury fashion has to offer is Faiza Saqlain. Established in 2012 in Lahore, Faiza Saqlain has earned its success due to the chic silhouettes on offer in their range. They are a fashion powerhouse that we are proud to be working with. The modern silhouettes on offer with Faiza Saqlain are paired with the elegant and traditional embellishments that allow for a fusion of the contemporary and the traditional.

Faiza Saqlain offers couture and pret-a-porter and each season, their floral patterned lines are highly anticipated by the women of Pakistan and beyond. Some of the best known celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra, have been spotted wearing Faiza Saqlain, which should go somewhere to prove that they offer nothing short of elegance.


When women buy with Jasmin they are choosing to buy with luxury. The taste for the classic with the modern is rife today and Jasmin offers a range of clothing options for women that are brave, bold and creative all in one. The clothing created by the Jasmin designer brand is creative, beautiful and classy, and this is a brand that focuses on sophistication and fun.

At Filhaal UK, we’re proud to carry a range of Jasmin pieces that will help you to fuse your need for elegance with your desire to look confident and beautiful at the same time. These Pakistani designer clothes are carried because they offer our customers the chance to embrace themselves for who they are, with customised tailoring and plenty of chances to look and feel beautiful. Choosing to shop with Filhaal UK means choosing to immerse yourself in these classic, beautifully designed clothes every single day.

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