Shop Eid Clothes from Filhaal UK

Shop Eid Clothes from Filhaal UK

Shop Eid Clothes from Filhaal UK

Eid isn’t just a time for new clothes. It’s a time for Eid clothes.  That means the best clothes you can find. This fulfils the Sunnah to dress your best at Eid.  It also highlights the fact that Eid is a time to close the door on past regrets and make resolutions for a brighter future.  With that in mind, here are some tips to help you shop for your Eid clothes.

Plan ahead so you can act quickly

You don’t have to buy the first Eid outfit you see.  At the same time, you don’t want to hang around either.  If you think an outfit looks great, the chances are somebody else does too.  They may buy it while you hesitate.  The way to make good decisions quickly is to plan ahead.

In particular, think about what looks good on you.  What colours suit your skin tone? What silhouettes make the most of your body shape?  What styles of clothes are you, personally, most comfortable wearing? 

Try creating a folder (real or digital) with photos of you in your favourite outfits.  As you put it together, think about what it is about the outfit that makes you like it.  Ideally, make a written note of this.  Then use it for reference when you’re looking at new outfits for Eid.

You might also want to ask a family member or friend for a second opinion about what they think looks good on you and why.  Sometimes people close to you can offer insights you’d never have thought of yourself.

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Take your measurements

There are two good reasons for taking your measurements before you start your Eid shopping.  The first is because you want to know, precisely, what they are now.  Don’t look up your measurements from last Eid or guess.  Check them properly now.  The second is because it allows you to read sizing charts accurately.

This is a useful exercise at any time of year.  The simple truth of the matter is that the only consistent factor in clothes sizing is that sizes get bigger as numbers get higher.  Other than that anything goes.  In fact, the same person could find themselves being classed as three different sizes in three different retailers.

These sizing variations can be irritating but they are manageable.  Just make sure to check the retailer’s sizing chart.  Once you start getting familiar with retailers you like, keep a note of your size(s) at their outlet.  Store a profile if you can.

If you’re not sure about what size to get, then the rule of thumb is to go for what looks most likely to fit you in the body.  This is the hardest part of a garment to alter.  If you’re still not sure then buy the two nearest sizes and see which one fits you best.

Go online

At Eid, you’re probably going to have a lot going on.  That’s exactly the sort of time when the internet can be most useful.  Even if you live in a major city, going around the shops can be a major drain on your time.  If you live in a smaller town or out in the countryside, you may have to travel a long way to find any real-world shops with Eid clothes.

What’s more, regardless of where you live, you’re still going to have a limited range of retailers in your local area.  You could travel but that takes more time (and money).  In the old days, it was sometimes worth it.  Now, however, it makes more sense to do your Eid clothes shopping on the internet.

Remember, however, that buying Eid clothes online isn’t just about choosing the right Eid clothes at the right price.  You need to be able to trust your supplier to deliver the clothes you expect when you expect them.  That means Eid is definitely the time to stick to established, reputable boutiques like Filhaal UK.

Stick with UK-based retailers 

When you’re just shopping for clothes to wear every day, you might choose to take your chances with international retailers.  When you’re shopping for Eid clothes, by contrast, it’s usually better to stick with retailers which actually have their stock in the UK.  That way any problems with international shipping (and customs) have already been resolved.

Buying from a UK-based retailer will also ensure you get full consumer protection.  This is particularly important for Eid clothes as they tend to be premium or even designer garments.  Quite bluntly, if you’re paying for high-quality items, you want to be sure that’s what you actually get.  This is a strong argument in favour of buying from a UK-based retailer.

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Give yourself plenty of time to buy your Eid clothes

Technically, you could leave your Eid clothes shopping until the two days before Eid itself.  You could treat paying for express delivery as being part of the fun of Eid.  In practice, there are all kinds of good reasons why it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to buy your Eid clothes online.  Here are the main ones.

You save yourself the stress of worrying about delivery

If you want to be absolutely sure of getting the perfect Eid outfit in good time, you can order early and use express delivery.  At the very least, order early.  That way if there is a problem, you have time on your side.  The retailer may be able to fix it for you.  If not, you can make alternative arrangements.

You could benefit from restocks/returns

Eid is a time when everyone buys new clothes.  That means items can go out of stock very quickly.  If, however, you’re organized, all may not be lost.  The retailer may be able to restock the item.  In fact, they may even run a waiting list for it. 

Items may also come into stock on an ad-hoc basis.  This is often a result of people not knowing what size to choose.  They may also fall “between sizes”.  In these situations, it’s very common for people to buy two sizes initially but only keep one of their purchases.

You may be able to get a retailer to contact you if your size comes back in stock.  If not, you may be able to use “reminder” tools (like Karma) to send you an alert.  Last but not least, you can simply make a point of checking the retailer’s site regularly.  This may not be the most convenient option but it’s still easier than monitoring real-world shops.

You have time for alterations

This is probably one of the most under-appreciated benefits of shopping for Eid clothes early.  In general, when you buy ready-made clothes (in the right size), the fit may be good but not great.  Even if it is great, it’s highly unlikely to be perfect.  Altering them for a perfect fit can take your Eid clothes to a whole new level.

Obviously, alterations take time.  That means you either need to find the time yourself or take your clothes to a professional.  If you’re planning on doing the latter, remember that other people will probably have the same idea.  That’s another reason to get your clothes early.

Scrutinize the listings carefully

There are lots of tricks retailers can use to make poor-quality clothes look good on camera, especially in still pictures.  There are also lots of tricks retailers can use to write descriptions that read well but essentially tell the buyer nothing.

A reputable online retailer, by contrast, will give plenty of clear and accurate information about the clothes they are selling.  Photos are generally very important here.  These days there’s a trend towards reducing the number of pictures shown but allowing the customer to manipulate them, for example, to enlarge details.

You should also be provided with full details of the material used throughout the garment.  It’s worth taking the time to read this thoroughly.  Firstly, it will give you a good idea of the item’s overall quality.  Secondly, it’ll give you an idea of the item’s practicality. 

You expect Eid clothes to be on the delicate side.  At the same time, however, there’s a difference between delicate and flimsy.  Delicate means you’re looking at dry-cleaning or hand-washing.  Flimsy means you’re looking at clothing that will rip and tear just through light use.

Think about your accessories

You’re definitely going to need some form of footwear to go with your Eid clothes.  You’re probably going to need outerwear and possibly a bag too.  You might also want to wear jewellery. 

If you have favourite pieces you love to wear, especially at Eid, then you might want to keep them in mind when you shop for your Eid clothes.  If you don’t, then you might want to think about your accessories when you buy your Eid clothes.

Try to think ahead here too so you can buy anything you need well ahead of time.  Accessories don’t usually need any sort of alteration.  The other comments, however, still apply.  What’s more, buying your accessories ahead of time will give you the chance to try everything on together.  That’ll let you test out that everything works together the way you think it should.

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