What Are The Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends For Summer?

What Are The Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends For Summer?

What Are The Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends For Summer?

Pakistan is a country with many fashion trends, and its clothing industry continues to thrive year in, year out. The cool weather during the summer months always leads to new styles displayed in every Pakistani city.

In Pakistani, during summer:

  • The weather is usually hot, but it can get as low as 45 degrees in the winter
  • People dress more casually in the summer
  • Kids wear bright colours and neon shorts to go with tees

Women will often wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops, paired with long skirts or maxi dresses that are knee-length. Some women choose to wear saris, but they're typically worn in the evening and are more formal than dresses or skirts.

Women will also often wear kurta shirts with a churidar skirt (long tunic over pants). This style is famous for work as it's modest yet comfortable for long hours on your feet.

Men will wear short-sleeved shirts with a kameez (long tunic), or even just the shirt with jeans if they're in casual work attire. Some men may also wear long trousers, and this option is trendy for outdoor summer weddings.

Men looking to dress formally might go for an Anarkali suit, a long coat over trousers with an elastic waistband. Additionally, men may wear shalwar kameez, baggy pants with one leg tucked in, and the other pulled out of the pant leg.

The Pakistani style for men can vary greatly depending on your location or what you want to show off.

With that, this article will discuss some of the latest trends for summer in Pakistan.

Pakistani Fashion Trends


During summer, this trend is always in lots of prints and patterns for people to choose from. It's popular to wear a baroque dress or skirt with some heels, but you can also pair it with flats for the office.


This is another popular Pakistani fashion trend. A kurta shirt (long tunic) can get paired with anything from jeans to a skirt for work or play, but not generally worn in the evening. Kurta shirt and churidar skirt is the most popular combination for Pakistani people.

Maria B

This is a short dress that can have sleeves or not. Some people like to wear them with knee socks for an edgier look.

Sana Safinaz

This is a Pakistani fashion brand with skull shirts and other printed clothes becoming popular within the mainstream.


This is a summary version of the traditional Pakistani dress. It's made from silk and has sleeves cut in an A-line shape with lace on the neckline.


This is a skirt with an elastic waistband and one can wear it with any top from t-shirts to blouses. Anaya pantaloon suit is a famous Pakistani outfit, and many women still wear it.

You Can Wear a Hijab or Not Cover Your Hair

If you're wearing a hijab during these hot temperatures, make sure to choose a lightweight silk fabric that feels comfortable against your skin. Many women like to wear hijab with a scarf or shawl.

Aadil Ahmad

This style originated at Pakistan Fashion Week earlier this year, but it's been growing in popularity since then due to its beautiful colours and embroidery.

Peplum Dress

A peplum skirt is one of the most popular Pakistani trends this season, and it's usually paired with a sleeveless top in contrasting colours. This trend has been seen in everyone, from fashion bloggers to celebrities.

Cello Dress

This is a trend in which the hem of your dress forms an "A" shape, with just enough fabric to cover your backside but not much else. It's also called an A-line shift or tunic dress.


Like a kurta shirt, this traditional garment has been around since before Pakistan was founded, so it's what you'll wear for formal events.


This is the combination of a long tunic (kurta) matched with pants or leggings. It was traditionally worn as work attire but has since become popular among women and children in general, especially during summer months because it's more comfortable than skirts or dresses.

Pakistani Dresses

Choosing a Pakistani dress for summer can be difficult when you want to cover it up but not look too stuffy. So, you'll often see long-sleeved or sleeveless kurta shirts with churidars (long tunics over pants).

One can also wear Kameez as formal wear, and they have necklines that can be high or low and fitted to the body.

Belted Jacket

A belted jacket or kurta is a great way to cover up without looking too dressed up and also goes well with any pants.

Pakistani Fashion Trends


This may sound like an American word, but in Pakistan, this style is known as tracksuit (or shalwar suit) because it's from two matching pieces that you put on like pyjamas.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress or tunic can be worn with beautiful jewellery for a casual date, but it's usually best paired with flat sandals when you're more dressed up, so save this one for an evening event!


This is a long scarf that you can drape over your shoulders. This look is popular during the day because it's not too heavy, but you'll want to change it into something more modest for an evening event.


This is a less formal version of the Kameez, and you can often wear it with jeans for a more casual look.


The burqa covers your entire body in one piece- head to toe- so you'll be much more relaxed than when wearing pants or shorts!

Noor Jahan Dress

This dress features an A-line shape and has long sleeves that are usually loose around your arms but hug your shoulders when you raise them.


A bustier dress is one of the most popular Pakistani trends this season! The top has two parts- a crop top and a lower, fitted part that you can wear with any pants.

In Pakistan, the summer months are long and hot. It's a time to relax with family and friends or take a vacation in cooler climates while wearing your favourite outfits that you don't usually have an opportunity to wear during other times of the year. So, if you're looking for some new fashion ideas this season, make sure to check these trends out

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