Which Brand is Best to Buy Pakistani Clothes in the UK?

Which Brand is Best to Buy Pakistani Clothes in the UK?

Which Brand is Best to Buy Pakistani Clothes in the UK?

Pakistani clothing boasts a rich variety of styles, colours, textures and designs that have become popular around the world both with Pakistani expat communities, and also with international audiences who are enamoured by the dazzling style of these garments.

Traditional Pakistani attire stands on its own merits as some of the most distinctive and visually appealing clothing out there, but new designers have also been successfully adapting these traditional looks to make them more dynamic and cutting-edge for contemporary audiences.

These days, there are many different outstanding Pakistani clothing brands and designers whose products are taking the market by storm, and who can allow you to enhance your wardrobe and bring it to life like never before.

Here’s a look at some of the best Pakistani clothes brands to buy in the UK, many of which can be purchased directly from us at https://filhaal.co.uk/.

Maria B

For the past three decades, Maria B has held a lofty position as one of the most popular clothing designers within Pakistan. In fact, her stunning outfits have garnered her a reputation in some circles as the “Coco Chanel of Pakistan.”

Maria B first hit the designer scene in 1999, and has offered breathtaking new releases every season since then.

In particular, her summer lawn offering is a perennial top seller, with her outfits being recognised and appreciated around the world.

Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir is one of the best brands to buy clothes in the UK. Among the leading designer brands in Pakistan, Sobia Nazir offers a magnificent variety of designer dresses. Their offerings include embroidered dresses, lawn, formal wear, couture and a lot more. Based in Islamabad, they have more than 850 trained professionals.

They focus on quality craftsmanship and ensure to provide the trendiest designer dresses. Not just in the UK, they also provide designer fashion clothing in other international destinations such as USA, UAE, Qatar and Bangladesh.

Pakistani Clothes in the UK

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the widely beloved brainchild of Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, who boast that the brand is “Pakistan’s only premier luxury retailer offering elegant ready-to-wear and fabrics, tastefully printed and embroidered along with avant-garde silhouettes to suit the modern woman.”

First and foremost, Sana Safinaz are renowned for their breathtaking range of dresses that have taken much of the world by storm, and can be found for sale in a wide range of locations across the globe. In particular, their annual lawn and silk releases are so popular that they almost invariably sell out at the pre-order stage. So be sure to act fast if you’re interested in making a purchase.


Baroque are giants in the retail clothing industry, but actually began in the textile sector where they have had over 30 years of experience and success. With this outstanding pedigree behind them, it’s fair to say that Baroque have a very sophisticated understanding of the arts of design and craftsmanship -- with attention to detail being a given.

For anyone in the market for formal and semi-formal Pakistani attire, Baroque are one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands to go for.

Not only are their clothes made with painstaking care, but Baroque also stays on top of the latest fashion trends and developments while simultaneously offering classic attire for occasions such as weddings, that never goes out of style.


Iznik is a brand that represents a three-generation-long journey to design beautiful and attention grabbing garments that serve to perfectly fuse together different Pakistani styles and motifs with modern elements, in pure silk.

With Iznik, “originality, uniqueness, and purity” are some of the watchwords that best describe what you can expect from the brand, and with a range of cheerful colours and illustrious embroidery options on offer, this brand is likely to be a perfect fit for the modern woman.

With its dedication to outstanding quality, Iznik is taking its place as a trendsetter in the world of pure embroidered silk fashion.

Noor by Saadia Asad

Noor by Saadia Asad is rapidly becoming one of Pakistan’s top clothing brands in the lawn garment space, with beautiful, bright and sunny designs all around.

For Saadia Asad, a dynamic and visually stunning colour palette is standard, as are on-trend designs that perfectly match the mood of the season.

For lawn, unstitched, and ready-to-wear garments, Noor by Saadia Asad offers a luxury range of products at a competitive price point, with a high degree of craftsmanship being readily apparent.


Elan boasts a dazzling reputation as one of Pakistan’s most sought-after luxury clothing brands, with its distinct and bold designs re-defining the fashion landscape rather than following existing trends.

If you are at all interested in getting ahead of the curve and wearing next season’s most stunning garments before virtually anyone else, it seems like a safe bet that Elan is one brand you will really want to pay close attention to.

Elan also offers a wonderfully broad and expansive range, from dazzling couture bridals to essential everyday wear and much else besides. Elan’s Eid collections, in particular, are highly popular every year.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Sana Yasir is widely regarded as one of the most talented designers Pakistan has to offer, with her garments being renowned for their exquisite beauty, intricate and bold designs, and her bridal dresses in particular are considered to be among the most elite on the market today.


Mushq is a distinguished Pakistani brand that has gained notable international popularity in recent years, largely for its high quality and respectable formal attire. In particular, their “Velvet,” “Trousseau De Luxe”, and “Luxury Formal” collections have been highly lauded in the recent past.

In addition to excellent formalwear, Mushq also offers excellent garments for anyone with a more flamboyant fashion sense, who wants to stand out in a crowd, and who enjoys pushing the envelope and exploring contemporary styles.

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