Top 10 and Best Fashion Designers of Pakistan

Top 10 and Best Fashion Designers of Pakistan

Top 10 and Best Fashion Designers of Pakistan

Fashion is about style, design, love, passion, and beauty. Pakistan is no doubt a hive of innovation, passion, colour, style, and more. So it is no surprise that some of the most prominent and most exciting fashion designers right now are from Pakistan.

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So who are the top ten best fashion designers in Pakistan?

Deepak Parwani

If you love Haute Couture, and luxury then the name on your lips should be the stunning Deepak Perwani.

Deepak Parwani is all about the tiny details. Deepak is ensuring that every bead, thread, and sequin is exactly where it is supposed to be.

His bridal collection is a meeting of eastern and western design, incorporating the best of both worlds.

A winner of no less than six lux style awards, you get a good understanding of how incredible these works are.

Deepak has also received an award for the Best International Designer Award at Miami Fashion Week, a 6th Innovative Design House in the World Award, and an award from The European Fashion Council.

Extreme glamour is what you can expect.

Zara Shahjahan

She is known as the epitome of elegance with a big helping of vintage. Zara has a deep focus on style and design, presenting collections that are constantly dignified and sleek.

Often Zara’s collections feature stunning floral prints. Botanical influence but with a classic twist.

Some of the most stunning collections have golden embroidery, pearls, badka, kora, and even raw silk.

Zara produces elegant modern collections with a classic twist.

As a designer, one of her accolades is her Coco collection was honored with an achievement award in fashion.

Asim Jofa

Noted as one of the shining stars of the Pakistani fashion scene, Asim is innovative and bold. Asim’s signature collection has a range of exquisite dresses and stunning tilla work.

Asim specializes in radiant colors that exude style, fresh designs, and prints.

His luxury collection introduces crepe silk, luxury chiffon, and raw silk too.

Asim has multiple awards of excellence for his collections, and his signature collection deserves a place in your closet.

Hasan Shehryar Yasin HSY

Hasan Sheryar Yasin is one of the leading fashion designers in Pakistan. He launched his brand HSY in 2005, and it has exploded.

Initially, HSY was to showcase formalwear and bridal. Both of which were stunning in design and embellishment.

Since 2005 HSY has become one of the more recognized fashion brands within Pakistan and within the community globally.

HSY is not just a female-focused design house; there have been many stunning collections that work for men too.

Hasan Shehryar Yasin has changed the landscape for Pakistan in terms of fashion, in all the right ways,

Nomi Ansari

Nomi’s clothing collection is vibrant, filled with bold colors creating a powerful and almost magical look. Her bridal collection is modern but has all of the hallmarks of cultural respect and traditional beauty.

Heritage and history are woven into the fabric of Nomi’s collection.

The embroidery is intricate and extravagant, giving the bridal collection a mesmerizing quality.

Nomi Ansari is well known within the celebrity circles and in some famous Pakistani movies too.

Sania Maskatiya

Innovative and versatile Sania has a unique take on traditional Pakistani style. Textiles and prints are some of the specialist skills that are seen within Sania’s work.

Her collections have been shown at FPW and PFDC in Pakistan.

Sania has been honored to represent her brand at Lakme fashion week in India; she has also been honored with four lux style awards, notably in 2018, an Achievement in Luxury Pret.

In particular, you will see the embroidery by hand, incorporating pearl work, stone, and exquisite beadwork.

Sania gives a stunning edge to traditional clothing.

Zainab Chottani

Zainab had an explosive entry into the Pakistani fashion scene with her stunning bridal range. Since that fantastic entry into the fashion world, Zainab is now a global name.

Her first PRET collection was named Aqua and was based on unique detailed but classic simple straight cuts. From this, her Swarovski collection has received global recognition in both eastern and western fashion champs.

Her glamorous shirts have a unique asymmetrical border and had motifs and embellishments finished with Swarovski.

Tena Durrani

Casual wear, formalwear, and bridal couture are Tena Durrani’s specialties. Since 2005, she has been known for her dedication to her work and her outstanding ability to innovate on her previous designs.

Tena draws much of her inspiration from the ancient Mughal period. These designs have some serious cultural and traditional styles but with a modern classic twist.

Tena Durrani is often the go-to when dressing celebrities for the red carpet, movies, formal events, and other functions.

She has also received multiple awards and accolades from Fashion Pakistan Week.

Maria B

Maria B’s designs are sought from the UK, Canada, USA, and more. Maria’s collection is trendy, with a traditional twist, and has net sleeves, embellished neckline, lace, linen, and more. Texture being a constant within her work.

Maria B also has a very successful children’s clothing brand too. Her collections are ideal for formal, festive wear, and casual too.


One of the most well-known fashion brands in Pakistan is Elan. In 2012 Elan launched the summer collection incorporating exquisite materials, prints, and bold colors.

The fantastic fabrics made Ela’s summer collection an instant hit with the women of Pakistan.

The formal collections are embellished with Swarovski, dupka, and zardozi work. From pant-suits to floral gowns, Elan is incredibly popular.

Elan is known for being opulent and luxurious, so it has gained global notoriety, and each collection is a must-have for all.

The fashion landscape in Pakistan is a stunning place to be. With innovative designers and access to some of the most opulent and luxurious materials, it’s no surprise that Pakistani fashion designers are making waves all over the world.

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