Why Pakistani Dupatta in Fashion Trending Among the Women?

Why Pakistani Dupatta in Fashion Trending Among the Women?

Why Pakistani Dupatta in Fashion Trending Among the Women?

Women’s fashion is always the subject of headlines and made prominent in magazines, and for a very good reason. When it comes to Pakistani dupattas, there’s so many great reasons they show up in fashion blogs right now. The Pakistani dupattas are worn in a range of regional styles across the subcontinent of India. It was once a symbol of modesty, and while the inspiration for Pakistani dupattas and modest women still apply, it’s very much a fashion item among the teenagers and women of today.

What is the Pakistani Dupatta?

Pakistani dupattas are shawls that are part of the women’s shalwar kameez outfit. It’s worn over the gharara and kurta, and it’s usually worn across both shoulders and around the head. The style today is bright, beautiful and can be made to match a suit. It can even work like a cape around the torso! The material varies, but it all depends on the style and material of the suit as to which one you choose. When the Pakistani dupattas aren't worn over the head they are worn with the middle of the women’s dupatta resting on the chest - similarly to a garland. In the fashions of today, the Pakistani dupattas are draped over one shoulder or just the arms, and lately, we’ve been seeing the short dupatta as part of the latest trends in Pakistani fashion.

The dupatta is an outfit accessory in metropolitan fashion and with the help of designers like Filhaal UK, you can choose the Pakistani dupattas that fit with your personality and style. Whether you are dressing up in a lehenga choli or a salwar kameez, the Pakistani dupattas are perfect as an accompaniment. The myriad of patterns, designs, colours and styles are just fantastic, and you can’t miss out on the trends in women’s fashion, either! The dupatta has really evolved with time and has gone from something practical to complement an outfit and stay warm, to being the key component in suit coordination. The length, which used to billow and wrap, has been reduced over time to ensure that comfort, style and fashion are all key.

Pakistani Dupatta

An Icon in Tradition

We’ve talked about how the dupatta in history has worked for women, but now we’re going to talk about the dupatta in fashion. There are a range of wonderful Pakistani women’s fashion designers out there, including Filhaal UK, and these designers are creating Pakistani dupattas that fit seasonal trends. You’ll see it on the catwalk, you’ll see it in the street and you’ll see it in some of the most high end Pakistani fashion stores around. From the very basic materials to the texture of the dupatta, everything about the design adds to the final look and Pakistani women everywhere are seeing the beauty in it!

There has been an explosion in women's Pakistani fashion as these designers have emerged, and thank goodness! The dupatta was only an icon in tradition and now it’s an icon in fashion. The final look of this garment is one that cannot be missed by any Pakistani women looking to wear beautiful clothing. These Pakistani dupattas are there to show your social identity, and your clothing and outfit colours and styles are there to show off your personality and status. Choosing designer Pakistani dupattas for your wardrobe is not a choice if you are interested in fashion - it’s a must! The dupatta is now so much more than an accessory; it’s something that can be a part of your identity and these are the garments with the red carpet welcome.

Culture & Tradition on the Catwalk

Pakistani dupattas have been a tradition for many years and they have been a part of Pakistani female culture forever! They still have the red carpet welcome and are not exclusive to the younger generation, either. There are plenty of women of all ages who love to enjoy some of the most beautiful Pakistani dupattas on the catwalk today. Covering your head for prayer, for a mosque, gargah, gurdwara or church is traditional, but that doesn't mean that you can’t enhance your fashion look, right?

Choosing any of our Pakistani dupatta for your wardrobe is a smart choice, and you will be able to show a little fashionable flair when you choose to wear one. Picking Filhaal for your Pakistani dupattas is the best choice that you can make this year. Don't wait to see them on the catwalk when they’re available for you right now. Choose the right Pakistani dupattas and you’ll be standing out in a crowd in no time.

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