What is Trending in Pakistani Clothes 2021?

What is Trending in Pakistani Clothes 2021?

This post will talk about the trends in Pakistani clothes for 2021. Pakistani fashion designers have been:

  • Creating some innovative and stunning new outfits
  • They combine traditional elements with modern styles to create a unique style of clothing
  • They are on the lookout for new designs every day

It is also important to note that these designs are often influenced by global trends as well! The first trend is the return of minimalism. This style includes a lot of white, black and neutral colours for clothes. These are also often paired with bright accessories to provide some contrast! Other massive trends are:


Kurta-style shirts have been trending in Pakistan in 2021. You can pair them with skinny jeans and high heels, which is new for Pakistani fashion. In addition, this kurta is shorter, so anyone who loves to show a little bit of skin can hop on this trend.

It has an asymmetrical hemline that goes from the back and not up near the stomach like before! The fabric for these kurtas can either be cotton taftan or silk.

Unstitched Kurta

Another trend in Pakistani clothes is unstitched kurtas. These are also a lot shorter, but the fabric can vary from cotton taftan or silk! This clothing style has an asymmetrical hemline that goes up near the stomach and back down again rather than just at the back!


Dupatta-style shawls are also trending in Pakistani clothes, 2021. However, they typically come with a matching dress or shirt, which is something new! This trend has been around since the late 1990s, and it will continue into 2021!


The next trend is baroque. This style of clothing typically uses a lot of bold patterns and colours for both shirts and dresses! It also often includes a lot more embellishment like lace, beads or embroidery with this type of fashion.

Maria B.

The next trend is Maria B which has been gaining a lot of recognition. This style of Pakistani clothing often features embroidery on the fabric, or it could fuse with another material like velvet, for example!

Some people also believe that this type of fashion will become more popular because they are easy to wear and can quickly go from day to night in seconds!

maria b clothes

Sana Safinaz

One possible trend for the Pakistani clothes 2021 is Sana Safinaz. This style takes inspiration from traditional outfits like the chughra in Pakistan! They are often simple and without any decoration, but they still use bold colours and patterns to make up for it!


Jazmin is another type of Pakistani fashion trending in Pakistan. This style typically uses lace or embellishment on the fabric! These clothes are exquisite and have an air of sophistication about them, making this a perfect choice for weddings as well! It also features some embroidery and other ornamental details like beads or sequins.

Faiza Saqlain

The next trend is Faiza Saqlain. This type of Pakistani clothing features a lot more embroidery, and it can be found on the fabric or fused with another material like lace, for example!


Anaya is another type of Pakistani fashion trending in 2021. This style typically features bold colours and patterns for both shirts and dresses!

Al Zohaib

Al Zohaib is an incredible type of Pakistani fashion trending in Pakistan. This style typically features embroidery on the fabric, or it could fuse with another material like velvet, for example!


Pakistan's latest fashion trend, Elan, is a style that takes inspiration from traditional Pakistani Muslim dresses. This new dress design typically does not use any embellishment, but bold colours and patterns are used to make up for it.


The next unique trend is AIK. This type of Pakistani clothing often features a lot more embroidery, and it can be found on the fabric or fused with another material like lace.


Afrozeh is a much older brand that has expanded its business internationally. The company offers unique styles such as their jumpsuit with side slits and printed trousers for women and shalwar pants for men. Afrozeh also specialises in embroidery work on clothes to add intricate detail not found elsewhere.


Aayra is a brand launched in 2018. It has quickly risen to the top because of its focus on quality, design and comfort. Aayra offers modern versions of traditional Pakistani outfits with an updated look for today's consumers who want to maintain their heritage and stay current.


The next trends in Pakistani clothing are Gulaal, which is ornate embroidery on the fabric. These pieces are trending in the Pakistan clothing market as more people are becoming interested in the uniqueness of the embroidery.

Sobia Nazir

The next trend is Sobia Nazir. This Pakistani clothing typically takes inspiration from Muslim dress styles. Their clothes are often just solid colours with simple lines, but they use bright patterns to compensate for the lack of detail.

Pakistani clothes

Numero Uno

Numero Uno offers affordable designs focusing on high-quality materials such as silk and cotton, which stand out against cheaper fabrics like polyester or acrylic. Customers will notice the difference at an instant because their pieces have intricate embroidery work done throughout.

Naila Iconic

Naila Iconic may be new to some people, but this brand started in 1995 with its founder named Naila Anwar, inspired by the traditional Pakistani village. Naila Iconic has been providing chic and elegant designs with a touch of modernity for more than 20 years now!

You can purchase the items you like from various stores, online or physically. Don’t forget to involve your friends and family in choosing a suitable fit, and have fun with it.

Pakistani clothes, especially related to trends in men's fashion and the country of origin, have been a topic of much discussion over recent years. With social media channels such as Instagram becoming more popular for following brands and designers worldwide, it has never been easier to keep track of what is trending in Pakistan's clothing industry.

This blog post has discussed the pieces currently trending in 2021 emphasising styles that may be particularly relevant or popular among teenagers and young adults. Hopefully, you find these insights insightful!

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