What You Need to Know About Pakistani Designer Clothes for Women

What You Need to Know About Pakistani Designer Clothes for Women

What You Need to Know About Pakistani Designer Clothes for Women

The UK has an amazing and vibrant Asian community that contributes to the culture, economy and diversity of the nation. However, finding glamorous yet affordable Pakistani designer clothes isn’t easy on the British high streets but fortunately, there are online retailers such as Filhaal.co.uk that offer a wide selection of garments and accessories for any occasion.

Pakistani dresses come in all types of wonderful designs with ensembles for any occasion that will suit any woman at any time. Casual and everyday wear doesn’t have to mean ordinary, evening wear can be glamorous enough to leave an impression and the right accessories can accentuate any dress beautifully.

There is some information you might need to know before ordering Pakistani clothing for women:

  • Types of Pakistani Clothing for Women
  • Designer suits
  • How to Select and Buy

There are many types of garments for all occasions ranging from casual and understated to exuberant and glamorous with many ensembles from top designers who now ship to the UK, and there are some things you need to be aware of when ordering from a supplier such as Filhaal UK.

Pakistani Designer Clothes

A Wide Selection for All Occasions

Even casual wear for a modern Pakistani woman is impressive, delightful and more importantly, comfortable. Like most women, you will want to look your best every day so stocking your wardrobe with stunning casual wear can become a priority when choosing your style.

Everyday wear doesn’t have to mean boring and at Filhaal.co.uk there is a wide range of designer clothing from top designer clothing brands such as Maria B, Agha Noor and Limelight. These fashion labels also excel when it comes to stunning evening wear and when paired with beautiful accessories can become a dress to impress on any occasion.


The clothes you wear every day can become a part of your identity so why shouldn't you look your best all the time? Some of the most stunning designer clothing from top Pakistani designers are casual dresses made from linen and are designed to be comfortable yet flamboyant and impressive at the same time.


Some of the most stunning dresses and suits when it comes to Pakistani fashion are the stylish and exuberant eveningwear ensembles. Special occasions demand special attention and you can make an impression with a well-made Pakistani designer dress from a label like Baroque, Khaadi or Rangoon. Fine embroidery and rich colours with luxury materials such as silk make Pakistani evening wear some of the most elegant in the world.


No fine ensemble is complete without the right accessories and Pakistani designer clothing is no different. Filhaal UK supplies the traditional Pakistani dupatta for any occasion in a variety of colours. Originally used as a symbol of modesty, the dupatta has remained a symbol of Pakistani fashion because of its elegant design and fine material.

Quality Ensembles from Top Designers

Chic and high-quality fashion is in global demand and Pakistan has some of the most glamorous and finely created garments of anywhere in the world. However, in the UK there aren’t any high street retailers offering Pakistani designer clothing alongside their Italian and French selections but online stores such as Filhaal UK offer many traditional styles from top Pakistani fashion labels.


The primary component of a suit, the kurta is the top part of a traditional Pakistani ensemble and is worn over the trousers and can be worn long below the knees or short just above the knees. It is traditionally collarless although variations do exist and given that the kurta is the more visible part of a suit, it will usually be more detailed than any other part of the ensemble. Because of their high fashion, contemporary Pakistani women in the UK and even non-ethnic British women have taken to wearing kurtas with more common clothing such as jeans as part of an everyday, casual item.

2-pc and 3-pc Suits

Traditionally made from a high quality, high thread count cotton fabric known as lawn and sometimes made from chiffon, 2-piece and 3-piece suits are the traditional garments worn by Pakistani women. A wonderful addition to any wardrobe, these elegant suits are made from a kurta and trousers (2-piece) with an accompanying dupatta (3-piece)  and can be short or long-sleeved.

Embroidered Dresses

The pinnacle of Pakistani design, embroidered dresses will make you fall in love with their stunning attention to detail and elegantly stitched designs. Embroidered dresses are kurtas at their finest, usually made from higher quality material, handcrafted and traditionally worn for special occasions. They also usually come with an accompanying trouser and dupatta set designed in the same style.

Their striking colour combinations are always enough to make an impression and designers such as Sana-Zara, Tawakkal and Baroque have created some showstopping embroidery that has inspired many of Filhaal UK’s designs.

Know Your Measurements and Get Advice

Just like shopping for any other type of clothing, there are some things you need to be aware of when looking for and purchasing Pakistani dresses and suits. First of all, you shouldn’t just buy from the first store you browse as you may get a better deal elsewhere and you need to be aware of how to measure for Pakistani clothing.


Most designer Pakistani clothing is only available to purchase online which means that you cannot try on these clothes before you buy them. Therefore, it is vital that you know your measurements before ordering a garment that you like.

First, measure around your whole bust for the chest area and then your natural waist and just below the waist, keeping the tape loose. For your hips, measure around the fullest part and to measure for your trousers measure from the crotch seam of a well-fitting pair of trousers to the bottom of the leg.

Shop around

As with anything, shopping around is the best way to find what you are looking for as some outlets might have limited stock of something while others may overcharge for an item that you can get cheaper somewhere else. Unlike Italian and French designer wear, Pakistani designer clothing isn’t overpriced and you can get a wide selection of amazing suits from top labels such as Maria B, Agha Noor and Baroque from online stores such as Filhaal UK at reasonable prices.

Consult Filhaal UK

Choosing the right clothes can be a daunting task and many people don’t know about the best fits, latest styles or top designers. If you have any questions at all then Filhaal.co.uk will be more than happy to help you with a purchase or give professional advice.

With a wide selection from some of the best designers in the business, we can help you to discover the joy of shopping online for traditional and designer Pakistani clothing for women. From 2-piece and 3-piece suits to kurtas, trousers, dupatta and embroidery there is nothing that we cannot help you with and whether it's for everyday or special occasions, we always offer free shipping on all of our orders.

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